Christopher B. of Salisbury NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Christopher B (Salisbury, NC) on September 22, 2014
Salesperson: Brian Wiles
Department: Sales

This place is the best.  Until I met up with them, my car buying experience was a 2 month long story of fail.  I wanted a used Prius to replace my van as the van was eating me alive in gas.  I drove to dealership after dealership and they all pulled the same stunt.  That vehicle we quoted you isn't here.  Try this much better (and more expensive) one.  You don't want a Prius, this Rio is just as good.  Bait and switch, lies, etc.   The few that weren't like that couldn't get the financing done  because I have terrible credit due to post divorce financial issues. They tried and I appreciated their efforts but no dice.

It was looking bad until I asked for a quote on Keffer VW's website.  I saw a 2009 Prius and just inquired.  I received a call from Brian Wiles.  I explained my situation and he said "We'll have you approved.  Can you come in?"  I told him that I was in a training class all week and getting away was not possible.  So what did they do?  Everything by email and text.  The next day after I emailed in some documentation I got the call.  "You're approved".  Brian and Sean worked for hours on the phone trying to get me financed.  The next day, I was able to get away early from training.  I showed up and they had EVERYTHING ready to go.  I drove the car, loved it and in under 30 minutes on the dealer site, I had my car.   They valued my time and my business.  Absolutely incredible.

I cannot brag on them enough.  They made me feel like I mattered and worked very hard for me.  In the end, they got a sale and some profit and I got the car I wanted at a price I could afford.  Win win.  The way it should be.  Thanks guys!

Kim G. of Concord NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Kim Grazier (Concord, NC) on August 16, 2013
Department: Service

Enter your reMy Car had a leak and started slow. I paid $1100 for this to be fixed and they were not. I took a day off work to have my car repaired at Keffer. It HAS an oil leak and IS starting sluggish. They quoted $1133.40 to do a fuel line flush and to fix the leak. After having the repairs completed and paying I went to my car where it did not start...still on the lot! We went inside and they said we could leave it but since I have to work for a living that was not an option. Friday was the earliest I could return. Wednesday I get up for work and low and behold there is oil on the ground, Thursday fresh oil on the ground, Friday fresh oil on the ground. Justin had called and said that they would have a loaner car there and ready for me. When I arrive Curtis seems to know nothing about this and we end up being there for 35 minutes and he then says we have to fill it back up to where it was on gas or we will be charged $6 a gallon. Um, no considering if the job was done correctly the first time I wouldn't need a loaner car and I'm already burning up my gas running back and forth to Huntersville from Concord. So Curtis eventually calls telling us that it needs a fuel pump and that it will be $580 and that they can't find a leak and think it's just "excess oil". This is unacceptable. So we speak with Justin who first offers us a $150 credit then a $220 credit. Really? We just paid for $1100 worth of services we didn't need and we are expected to pay another $360 to $580 in charges again to MAYBE get the job right this time? Then when I go into the service department to pick up my car, I am in the middle of speaking with Curtis and a salesman comes running in and rudely cuts off our conversation so he can say "I'm about to sell this car can you have it ready by 5?" Really? I've already wasted 2 days here and now I have to waste another 10minutes because this rude salesman can't wait his turn? From the first time I drove a Jetta I loved it. All of the people I encountered had been great and I always said I would drive nothing other than a VW and my teenagers 1st car would be a VW but after this experience my opinion has drastically changed about VW. This will be my LAST VW. I want nothing to do with the service department and anything period with VW. We have a mechanic that we know and trust but I wanted to take my car to a VW Service department and what I feared happened....I was screwed out of my $1100 and my car still doesn't function properlyview here

David S. of Charlotte NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by David Sawyer (Charlotte, NC) on May 11, 2012
Department: Sales

BEWARE!!!! Never been screwed over more by a car dealership. Bought a used car from them in December under the condition that they would do some body work repairs and give me a rental car during those repairs. Now they are telling me that they will not honor their commitment. No explanation why. Just flat out telling me they are not going to honor the deal that was made when I purchased the car. The agreement we made was in writing and everything. I m now considering legal action

Tana H. of Mooresville NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Tana Holloway (Mooresville, NC) on April 25, 2012
Salesperson: Brian Wiles
Department: Sales

Had a great experience buying a new VW EOS in the past week!  The group at Keffer VW are gracious, helpful, kind, informative and did everything possible to help us get not only the car we wanted but an excellent deal!  Brian Wiles was persistent in calling us to get us in the door.  Barry Dodson went the extra mile to help us accomplish the deal and Cary in finance worked his magic to get the best deal possible.  My husband and I could not be more pleased with them and love the EOS!  Awesome people, awesome car!  Thanks again y'all!

Frank W. of Davidson NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Frank Weissgerber (Davidson, NC) on April 12, 2012
Salesperson: Brian Wiles
Department: Sales

I am a 5 time VW owner and just recently purchased a 2012 Passat SEL from Keffer VW after several months of shopping for a replacement to my 2002 Jetta. During this time period, Brian Wiles has patiently worked with me on answering questions and taking test drives of several models as I was narrowing down my selection.  What impressed me the most, is his intimate knowledge of his products and his customer centric approach.  He definitely made my purchasing experience one of the best in my lifetime.  

Frank W.



Susan B. of Sherrills Ford NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Susan Brooks (Sherrills Ford, NC) on March 23, 2012
Salesperson: Andy Hicks
Department: Sales

I am currently shopping for a new car and Andy has been so helpful making such a difficult decision.  I really like the new 2012 Passat and Andy has done a great job explaining the features to me.  I haven't made my decision yet, but Andy is a wonderful salesperson and I am sure I will see him again sooner than later. Thanks

Kate B. of Mooresville NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Kate Brooks (Mooresville, NC) on March 23, 2012
Salesperson: Andy Hicks
Department: Service

Once again Andy Hicks came to my rescue! Bad service issue and Andy went out of his way to help get it fixed.  Andy really stands behind the cars he sells and helps his customers out as much as he possibly can.

Lisa M. of Charleston WV Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Lisa Mullins (Charleston, WV) on March 22, 2012
Salesperson: Andy Hicks
Department: Sales

I absolutely HATE shopping for vehicles, until now anyway. We looked around our area for diesel Jettas and diesel Passats (which they didn't have any Passats) and what we found the dealers would not come off of the sticker price at all! Also, they were offering to give me wholesale value on my car. I looked on the internet and thankfully found Keffer VW. From the first phone call to the follow-up after my purchase was very personal but professional as well.  They met all my requests and needs with ease.  I purchased the car via the internet and they delivered it to my front door at no additional cost to me! I wish all dealers were like Keffer, it would make this process so much more enjoyable, as it should be. :)  Thanks again Andy! 

Ria V. of Charlotte NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Ria Varnell (Charlotte, NC) on March 20, 2012
Department: Sales

Great experience buying a Jetta from Brett Hicks! As a first time car buyer, the entire staff at Keffer Volkswagen is very welcoming and they really took care of me. I am VERY happy with my car & the price that I paid for it!

Lisa R. of Huntersville NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Lisa Rabenold (Huntersville, NC) on March 16, 2012
Salesperson: Andy Hicks
Department: Sales

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life in which I was compelled to write a thank you to a business for their service. That said, I was referred to Andy Hicks by a friend. I don't have enough words to express the level of service I received from Andy when I purchased my car at Keffer Volkswagen. I never had such an easy and painless experience buying a car.

As a woman I lack the time, skills, desire and patience to negotiate a good deal when purchasing a car. The greatest benefit I gained by using Andy was confidence that I didn't have to negotiate anymore with dealerships. Andy was patient and walked me through all of my car options and found the car with all the specifications I asked for an within my budget. His professionalism and integrity exceeded my expectations. Andy was a sounding board, there was zero pressure, and useful advice throughout the entire process.

Above all, the two things I would say about dealing with Keffer Volkswagen that impressed me the most are: Andy's responsiveness and his knowledge of cars and the car market. 

I appreciate professionalism. I deal with customers on a daily basis. Therefore, I recognize his patience and understanding of his individual customer needs.

Recommending Andy will be foremost and my pleasure to family and friends. I'm still amazed at how easy he made my car buying experience. I am very, very pleased. Andy is OUTSTANDING!!! 

L. Rabenold

Shellie K. of Mooresville NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Shellie King (Mooresville, NC) on March 15, 2012
Department: Sales

I drive a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle that I purchased from Keffer VW last week i decided to have my car washed but the car wash was not working that day, Tim Black and Dan Mccall approached me and offered to wash my car for me. I was shocked that they would do such a thing, being I was not there to buy a car...

and they did a good job too thanks guys

Shellie King

Michael S. of Charlotte NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Michael Sauer (Charlotte, NC) on March 15, 2012
Department: Sales

This is 5th volkswagen i have owed and this experience will stand alone as the best.

I purchased a VW Jetta from Tim Black I had a good time at the dealership I was introduced to the service department and meet Bill Peterson who is the service manager, he had no problem coming out of his office to meet me, that made feel good.

Thank you Tim

Erin H. of Cornelius NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Erin Hatfield (Cornelius, NC) on March 15, 2012
Department: Sales

my husband and I purchased a volkswagen Golf from TimBo Black, he was very helpful and helped us to have a great buying experience.

Thank You


Maria J. of Mooresville NC Reviews Keffer Volkswagen

by Maria Junker (Mooresville, NC) on March 15, 2012
Department: Sales

I love my new 350z...Tim Black is a awsome individual and i want to thank him so much for his patience with me.

Thank You, Tim

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